Sorry if I edited the theme to be more pink but I hope it looks decent enough! I probably should've made it slightly less saturated though... Oh well! I am just learning after all!

In the meantime I just want to say that the recent bird site fiasco made me finally decide to create a website. Not the graphic design nightmare like 13 year old me made back in the day, but a real, coded site! My only experience with html coding is honestly from importing free toyhouse html codes on my profile and some of my oc pages though...

I wish myself good luck learning how to make good html code! Hopefully... let me look up some tutorials(0_0')


9/3/23: Added a small art gallery! It's not all of it, just the more recent ones, a lot of the much stuff from before then will be kept safe on my hard drive until either it dies or when i actually decide not to be lazy and reupload them (。-ω-) in the meantime some of them are on my pixiv.