May 21st, 2024, 3:23pm

Look. I know i seem a bit dramatic in the last entry, but I hate elon that fucking much. Seriously. There's definitely stronger elon haters out there, but still. I've hated him long before he killed twitter. I just hated his guts. Was it an irrational hate? Not entirely. He always seemed like a fucking dipshit asshat to me based on his "how you do fellow kids" bullshittery. Like he has this shitty aura that screams out that he's an asshole.

In unrelated news, I got more into fountain pens and bottled inks lately. It all started with the platinum preppy that i basically got for free (+ $10 shipping) in the old gacha world app (rest in peace) back in the day with a bunch of other goods in the summer of 2022 and I only recently started getting more pens and inks. I'm probably not gonna get that many more pens after this next order but no guarantees...

If it counts for anything I'm starting to write my reactions to media in my little journal again! I started using it last year for tracking every anime series and movie i finish that year but I think this year I'm just gonna start tracking which individual episodes i finish in a month instead (not counting rewatches. Maybe. Or maybe not. All I've really done this year (as of May) was watch the entirety of super milk chan multiple times lol. Side note, I should finish watching irina the vampire cosmonaut after i finish the first two light novels... Or maybe I'll finally finish watching any of the other anime I've been needing to finish... Hmm...

May 17th, 2024, 4:38pm

fucking **** ********, elon musk.

May 8th, 2024, 4:32pm

My sister's graduation is next month and I'm debating on whether i should get the funny graduation dog plush that sings "best day of my life" lmao.

I also got into fountain pens a few weeks ago, yay

May 1st, 2024, 12:07am

My grandpa painted a space shuttle, and my mom was born in area 51, so i think it's fitting that I'd end up with a lifelong love for space travel related things.

Personally my favorite parts of space travel related to weightlessness and freefall! This might be why i draw so much space fanarts...

this piece of lore probably isn't worth a full blog entry but i haven't updated my blog in a week and idk what else to say here.

in unrelated news I'm waiting for some import items to arrive at the warehouse and I'm questioning whether i should buy more items or not.




April 17, 2024, 1:09am

Not much happened aside from the package arriving and archiving the vinyl record being a success. I'm feeling lazy so I'll link it later. But you'll probably find it before I link it anyway. I put it on both the internet archive and youtube after all.

I got a larger paycheck this time and I'm now worried about how much I'll need to pay in taxes next year. That probably isn't that important.

I'm thinking of making a new art page on my website, not sure what image host I'd be able to use for neocities aside from the monopolistic imgur... If anyone has suggestions please leave me a message. I'll add a guestbook to my site later.

I bought more yarn if that counts for anything.

i want to draw more fanart.

i miss the 3ds servers.

April 3rd, 2024, 6:04am

Sooo i paid for ems shipling a couple days ago, so i hope the vinyl record doesn't get damaged in transit. it's absolutely gonna arrive damaged because I'm hoping it won't, but still.

i understand why the package is so expensive to ship now. it's 2.8 kilos. i thought "clearly it wasn't that heavy to ship" but 2.8 kilos actually IS heavy in terms of mail.


my bad.

I'm tired, woke up in the middle of the night extra thirsty and now I'm going to try and go back to sleep. G'night.

why do the 3ds servers have to shut down so soon? I'm gonna miss them so much

March 29th, 2024, 2:08pm

waiting for pizza to cook at work currently

I'm also looking back on all the memories I've made on discord during the start of the pandemic lol, all me and everyone else on the discord server i was active in were talking about was shaun the sheep series/season 6's official release (after a couple months of nhk e in japan aired some of the episode early and everyone speculating based on some of the jp fandom's tweets about it lol.) Maybe it's because season 7 was just announced for next year. I'm really hoping the fandom can be more active when it releases!

in other news, dejapan doesn't have fedex or usps. so i have to either pay as much as my order for EMS to ship it, or risk the vinyl record i got breaking and warping on a boat or maybe even being lost at sea if I'm unlucky enough.

lesson learnt, don't import from japan if you're only ordering something that's 2 kelos. HOW BIG DID YOU MAKE THE BOX DEJAPAN TO MAKE THE SHIPPING COSTS SO LARGE EH!?!?!? I just wanna import the rare vinyl, 2 doujins, and a rare figure! Come on!

Honestly none of this would be an issue if I wasn't $25 short on funds to pay for EMS because I had to buy my cat Hank his own bag of cat food to have in my room (...I'm lazy and don't want to take from the cat food bag downstairs each time the food bowl is empty and besides he's MY cat) (i forgot to mention I adopted Hank back back in February, oops.)

I might have to wait for my next paycheck to ship out my stuff but at least I'm spoiling Hank the best that I can.

Then again I think he feels spoiled to be with me in general lol.

March 14th, 2024, 1:15pm

surprisingly i don't have work this weekend, which could be a good thing? but i got a blister on my boob from burning it getting the chicken alfredo out the microwave a few days ago so is that really good? also i... kinda like having something stressful and boring to do with my time. i should probably buy a watch though.

in other news I've crocheted a bit more than I've drawn lately. Maybe because I'm a art blocked and want something to do with my hands in the meantime. Not sure. But I've made a hooded scarf and a shrug recently if that counts for anything. I'm also making a scarf for myself.

I might put the scarf on the giant kuromi build a bear when i get her lol. she dropped at an inconvenient time for me, my paycheck won't arrive till next week i think.

not to mention that i have to buy some new bluetooth headphones for myself lol. the ones i had broke somehow. apparently samsung phones have their own stupid codec so if i don't want to have to adjust the audio delay on my headphones I'd be limited to the damn galaxy earbuds. my ears are NOT fit for earbuds, and i don't want to spend $100 on earbuds I'd end up losing, but unfortunately samsung has too much control on bluetooth compatibility on their own smart phones.

March 7th, 2024, 12:43am

i can't sleep. mind's a mix of both the stuff I've watched recently, work worries, and also ideas for original comics for some reason. maybe i should get melatonin gummies or something.

i should buy more yarn.

February 26th, 2024, 4:23pm

After months of procrastination despite following the official twitter accounts for years i finally got into Super Milk Chan! I'm surprised I didn't get into it sooner, but I'm happy I finally started watching it! I could probably watch the amercanized gag dub sometime but I'm not feeling it right now haha

February 21st, 2024, 8:45pm

Daylight savings time starts in a few weeks, i hate it. Especially now that I'm (unfortunately) waking up in the morning instead of the afternoon due to things like work.

Why can't we just be in standard time all year round? And not have to stay in daylight time for 90 percent of the damn year? Wait, everyone else in society only likes it when the sun's out and doesn't like the darkness so permanent DST/shifting all the time zones east is the only choice that'll work with most people. *sigh*

Well, making DST the permanent time zone and shifting everything one time zone east would appease everyone, but that would basically kill my darkness loving ass because I like when it's dark out because I only ever get motivated in the dark and I hate when I'm not motivated so I'm not sure how I'd deal with it. I'd probably get used to it but I'm still gonna hate it.

Side note, because of daylight savings there's only about 23 hours on lucifer's 2nd birthday. how unlucky.

February 17th, 2024, 5:40pm

Am I nervous for starting my job in few days? Very.. Am I excited to potentially be able to treat my cat Hank like the spoiled prince he deserves to be? Absolutely.

Sorry this entry is so short, Not much has been happening aside from our family catsitting a kitten for the shelter during the weekends.

February 10th, 2024, 10:04pm


February 8th, 2024, 12:43pm

Well... looks like my only option is to get the s24 ultra even though i hate the ai buzzword misuse. It probably won't be that bad, right? Apparently the 23 ultra is shittily buggy so i probably dodged a bullet there. Buying a new s21 case ended up still being a bit of a waste after all because we ALL have to trade in our phones and thus the phone case will be a useless gift to my brother. Oops.

I'll probably just move all the photos and stuff that I have on my phone onto an sd card a bit of time before I trade in my phone or something since those are the ones i really don't want to lose haha. I think i could probably be fine with losing old text messages surprisingly. I hope future me doesn't regret it.

In other news I'm too art blocked to do anything for dejiko's birthday this year unfortunately, really wishing i wasn't though!(T^T)

I'll probably just post my nendoroid instead and do something extra special next year! ...or whenever everyone's moved onto other websites. Not sure yet. I want to make it up to her though! I'll probably import some merch to support!

oh did I mention that I got accepted for a new job and I'm nervous and anxious as hell?

oh and apparently kaomoji doesn't work in html so I had to remove almost all of them from past blog entries because I'm too lazy to spend time converting them all to html and wasting code. sorry about that. forgive me. -_-

February 5th, 2024, 4:05am

I had to rewrite the entry because i got distracted and lost the whole entry i was writing because i closed chrome but guess who has to get her phone replaced because her phone is breaking?

and i just got this phone case too! at least my brother said he can have it so it wouldn't be a COMPLETE waste of money...

but the s23 ultra isn't in stock so I'd have to choose between the shitty ai phone with the shit camera with basically no zoom, the basic s23 with a worse battery life and probably also a worse camera, a smart flip phone that I'll end up breaking in less than a week, or a god fucking dogshit iphone that I won't want to do jack shit with!

The ai bullshit barely counts as ai at all! It's just a shitty buzzword to appease shareholders!

Why don't I like the damn ai buzzword shit? because it's basically killing my art hobby because people are too cowardly to train ai for more important shit that would be MUCH EASIER TO DO like office paperwork and spreadsheets and would rather make sure every damn artist loses their personality because they're human and humans are only allowed to work work and more work from wake till sleep and from birth till death because that makes the people at the top money that they can hoard while everyone else dies from poverty!

*ahem* sorry for getting a bit... pissy, I'm just pissed off tonight. And It's easier for me to shit all my thoughts out with a phone keyboard than a journal. Besides, thousands of people already read centuries old journals to document history so what's the point in keeping all my thoughts in a journal when anyone can read it anyway? I mean if anything It's a lot easier for stuff online to get erased from existence. I don't think anyone a humdred years into the future will even remotely be able to read any of this. They would be losing a comical amount of cultural and timely context. I doubt they would even know what a samsung even is by then. And if I'm wrong than someone should go back in time and throw a small rock or acorn at my head sometime this month.

back to the topic at hand, I'm not even sure if my text messages, samsung gallery tags, and photo metadata (as in the dates the images were created and such) can transfer over onto my new phone either so it's even more stressful! My text messages keep failing to back up in the samsung cloud so I don't even think a lot of my text messages will carry over!

and logging into everything again in a browser is going to be such a pain in the ass. I should probably use the opportunity to switch to firefox or something but i don't think i can do that on a chromebook and I'm far too lazy to move all my extensions/settings/adblock filters and stuff over. Not to mention google will pubish me for switching from chrome. But do I even have a choice when google is banning adblockers soon?

If only there was something to blame for the adblocker ban eh. -_-

I'm not even sure if the rest of my life will even be very satisfying to be honest. Or how long I even have left to live with all my hope being lost. I get why people love shitty generic isekais so much now.

January 28th, 2024, 6:02pm

finally uninstalled twitter from my phone... feeling empty inside now funnily enough. maybe it's stockholm syndrome?

really going to miss that site, shame it has to die like it has to. I will never forgive that dickheaf billionaire, i don't even want to be on the same planet as him haha, hope i outlive him even though it's probably not possible. but maybe i could die before him and enjoy the afterlife before dipshit buys it out and makes it into hell or something. not sure.

shame the only other social media sites are either shit, dead, or part of the facebook monopoly.

side note, i really don't want the internet to become even more divided by region and language, but i really think it's about to become like that the way we're heading...

maybe in the next universe everyone in the world can be connected like it once was... or is it the next lifetime? no wait maybe it's the next species that's on top of earth's food chain that becomes connected again. Wish i knew which one it was. It certainly won't be the human race on earth that gets connected worldwide and understands each other again. I think we'd all die of nuclear winter long before that happens.

eh whatever, I'll think about it.

January 21st, 2024, 5:36am

Healed well from the flu, but this cough is taking forever to go away! I'm positive that it'll be gone by the end of the week though luckily but come on! This flu was hell!

anywho i bought more yarn and some ribbon alongside a little build a bear cardigan and a build a bear skirt, the plush clothes will be here in about February and the yarn and ribbon are coming today. this isn't very important, but i wanted to clean out my paypal account because paypal sucks. Definitely no other reasons... Definitely not striking or anything...

I want to get a new part time job in a few months but my autism and morals are probably going to make sure i stay without a job so maybe i should just comply with my imposter syndrome and just be the one in the family that stays home and cleans all day... Shame i won't get paid for doing that but what can I do about my brain other than die and have my next life be one of a neglected ipad kid or something? Oh well.

January 11th, 2024, 7:34pm

i caught a nasty cold from my brother somehow. pain.

January 5th, 2024, 4:42am

sooo... i quit my job ♡

they probably would've fired me or laid me off if i didn't quit myself anyway but it's still bittersweet to quit a job you actually liked because you felt like you weren't good enough for the job...

though, i did have to speak louder than usual on the phone because the guy couldn't hear me the first time i called. i hope he heard my name right, there's a coworker with a similar name to me and i don't think it would be good if my manager put in said 2 week notice for the wrong person.

I really hope i can find a better job that i can enjoy...

in unrelated news i had to put a litterbox in my room because one of the fosters is constantly getting bullied by the other cats. unfortunately the air filters on it don't help with the smell but at least I won't have to worry about the cats being locked in my room and not having anywhere to pee or poop ( T3T)

January 1st, 2024, 12:46am

Happy new year!

I got money and cake for my birthday, and I also went to the local corner store and bought myself some ice cream and snacks. Not much else happened, the end of this year was actually pretty low-key this time around. Let's jope next year will be a bit better and more eventful. Can't believe I'm 20 now and that it's 2024.

Thank you for 3000 views on the website btw! ( ノ^ω^)ノ

I'll make sure to try and code the website better this year!

December 31st, 2023, 12:23am

happy birthday to me!

December 26th, 2023, 6:03am

I got a bunch of yarn for Christmas this year and I can't wait to use it all!

only regret i have this Christmas is not watching enough Christmas specials to fill up a entire journal page like i tried to do this year (lol)

better luck next year!

December 19th, 2023 7:40pm

ended up watching the di gi charat christmas special and it's a spongebob christmas back to back. probably not my best move tbh lol since they have different vibes lol. I could probably try and pair Christmas special rewatches just a little bit better...

December 19th, 2023 1:44am

I was finally able to gain the strength to watch a Christmas special earlier tonight! I haven't really been able to watch any christmas specials (with one exception in olive the other reindeer, surprisingly) these past few weeks, but i was finally able to have the mental strength to pull out my charlie brown christmas dvd and watch it on my tv! I'm really happy I was really able to do something festive this month despite everything. It still doesn't feel right celebrating this year with everything going on in the world but at least I can try and keep my spirits up...

I'm going to try and at least watch enough christmas specials to fill up a page in my journal, which is probably going to be a bit easy with all my christmas dvds (lol), i hope i can have the mental strength for it.

Im unrelated news i should probably check my email again for the 12th time this week and...

...ah, apparently goodsmile is redoing the global shop in January and everyone is going to have to reset their passwords. how fun. -_-

at least i don't plan on buying anything from the goodsmile shop that month. But eh.

Speaking of websites, I should really try and figure out how to format my website instead of just using this template...

December 13th, 2023 3:53am

I was able to cancel the order thankfully! Now I just have to worry about what to take as a second job in case I'm not back on the schedule after the renovations are finished... Hmm... Do I even have any options in this economy? lol.

Wonder if I even deserve a job currently...

In other, unrelated news I'm still waiting for that yarn to ship... It's gonna take a while because of the holiday season but still...

I should probably re-code my website a little bit, apparently that you can have multiple style css on the same html website... I thought you could only have one somehow.

Uh, I'll see if I can be able to do that sometime soon...

December 2nd, 2023 3:32am

Honestly, not much has happened. other than me fucking up bidding on an ebay bid and having to cancel a christmas present order for my brother of course. but that's ok he already has the thing i was getting him anyway.

Although, I'm a bit worried about my job at the moment. I'm not sure whether I'm still working or not because I haven't been on the schedule for the past 2 weeks now. I'm starting to think that I'm going to end up getting fired and fuck fuck fucking fuck i feel like i don't fit the job at all at this point even though I love my job and the strawberries NEED to be plucked during strawberry season and the broccoli needs to be chopped and I can't DO that if I'm not on the schedule to go to work-

is it because i keep asking for more days to work? is that it? i just want to work more days. please just let me work.

what other jobs can i even apply to though if i DO get fired? realistically? my memory's apparently too shit to memorize shit, I feel too socially incompetent and anxious for customer service, i break down under any intense pressure so retail is sure as hell a no-go.

college is off the damn table, sure i got good grades but i was basically a "bad kid" in school and I'd probably be horrendous in college as well! Not to mention that I'd have to re-pay student loans until the day I die because of how expensive college is.

maybe i should just go back to being a neet or something.

but i pre-ordered the snoopy nendoroid and I'm not sure whether I'd even be able to pay for it because of everything, and i can't cancel it because i ordered through the goodsmile shop.

what do i even doooooo?????

November 13th, 2023, 4:17pm


I don't have any other updates other than I drew a little drawing of Romina in the classic Gainax/Gunbuster pose and I'm like stupid proud of it. I'm really proud of the shading and lighting on it like holy shit i love how i drew it dbebhdhd

If anything else happens I'll let you know!

October 30th, 2023, 1:56am

I paid for shipping on my last zenmarket order of the year (and probably forever because of the fee increase lol) last night! Shipping was more expensive than i thought it would be and the most humiliating part of it all was that i bought wings the night before so i was a dollar short and had my brother if i could have a dollar. He said it was no big deal since it was only a dollar but i mean come on if I don't have enough money I'm not gonna have those plushies shipped to my house and they'd probably be destroyed or put in a landfill, and i would have spent 100+ dollars for nothing! I'm not going to let that happen!

In unrelated news I had to miss out on trick or treating this Saturday because my legs were still sore from having to walk two miles to get to work on Thursday, oops. Was hoping to trick or treat one last time before I turned 20, but I don't think that sore legs and inflatable dinosaur costumes go together well without my legs potentially giving out lol.

Side note, I'm starting to wonder whether something is wrong with my legs... My calves ached every day after walking home from school when I went there in person before covid, and I think one night my leg sort of... gave out sorta? As in i felt like the calf bone or muscle pushed out...? and i had to push it back in...? How do I describe it...? Wish I knew what was wrong with my legs.

October 26th, 2023, 1:25am

Ok! so apparently the sanrio store majorly fucked up and leaked customer data, leading the store to go into an unexplained multi-day maintenance before zenmarket could buy the acrylic stands and tote bag for me, and because the store wouldn't come back before the zenmarket fees increased on the 28th (I'm not paying ¥500 for ¥600 acrylic stands. 300¥ is fine, but 500¥ and you're completely dead in my eyes) and all of that basically made my desire for the acrylic stands and tote bag to get Romina'd.

Er, should I say it got Gojo'd instead? That probably makes more sense lol.

I ended up getting more plushies and cds instead on top of the other Kuromi related plushies and Di Gi Charat drama cd I was also getting. I got more Kuromi and Romina plushies on top of the ones I was already getting. Not only did I get the large prize plushies, but I got the little bag charm plushies of all the characters as well, plus the two cd singles for Heaven's Design Team (which side note, i didn't know the singles also had DVDs since I mainly just got them for the CDs themselves so it's a nice little surprise lol), so I say I'm pretty happy with what I got! I just have to wait for zenmarket to pack the items and to pay for shipping. I just hope the shipping costs aren't too high...

I'll probably buy the acrylic stands and tote bag later down the line when i (eventually) find them for sale on resale sites (mercari and the like) after the holiday season, but for now I think I'll just be proud of myself that I even tried to get limited goods at all this time lol.

I'll definitely get next year's limited Kuromi week goods, just you wait!

In unrelated news I got some yarn and crochet hooks so I can make some more clothes for my Kuromi build a bear! For now I'm making a cardigan for her, but i did try to make a sweater but i ended up with two weird necklaces instead (oops). I think the cardigan('s back panel) is turning out nice so far! Only problem is that my thumb and finger hurt after a bit. Maybe it's because I keep using them to pull the threads through each chain. I also keep having to use toothpicks to pull over the treads. Maybe I'm making my chains a bit tight? It's only my first crochet project after all and I probably made a little mistake... Oh well.

See you next blog entry!

October 11th, 2023, 12:33am

not much has happened these past couple weeks lol, other than the purple kuromi and baku buddy dropping the day after i put my money into my zenmarket funds. yeah i think I'll be waiting for the restock on this one if I'm not able to get it when i have the cash to do so around November or so. Only reason why i can't get it rn is because I'm getting less shifts again (probably because it's not strawberry season anymore and i have less to do) and thus, lack of money. I'm planning to get it in either November or around January after Christmas and my birthday since I'd have the cash to do that then.

But for now I just have to worry about those limited Kuromi week goods releasing on the japanese sanrio store website tomorrow night. or should i say tonight? idk, it's almost 1am. either way I'm still planning on getting the build a bear after despite the fact that I already have the other Kuromi build a bear.

I'm wondering whether I should also pick up one of the romina plushies that recently released... Maybe i should get the big 36cm prize plushie that released last week? Should i get the two slightly smaller ones? Oh, there's also a few more prize plushies and plush charms I could get... Aaaaa i can't choose! And i can't just get all of em because the shipping'll kill me! And there's also a few cds that I want! Tough decisions all around tbh.

also they moved the restaurant renovations last minute to December so now I also have to worry about THAT. But in the meantime i got a new work shirt for this month specifically, for the Halloween season. it's cute and surprisingly warm despite it being a tshirt, might be the materials the manufacturer used or something.

will try to update the blog more regularly...

September 23rd, 2023, 7:48pm

did i mention this website domain is named this as a reference to megamind

i made a link to use as a sort of placeholder as some people would use on toyhouse, though I'm thinking of reworking it to something else like maybe a news site or art showcase site. idk

September 23rd, 2023, 2:23am

ah, i just realized those two romina plushies just released. I'm tempted but i don't wanna give in just because the workplace renovations were moved to December and i don't have to worry that much about costs, so honestly I'm probably just gonna refuse to spend money till the 11th or 12th unless the rumored purple kuromi build a bear drops (not counting sister's birthday present) just so i can import both the limited kuromi week goods from the sanrio store along with maybe some other things! The shipping costs will probably kill me but at least I'm just buying a bunch of smaller goods + 2 plushies. Plus maybe a cd or two if I'm feeling like it.

then again the plushies aren't limited so i can always wait a bit to get them after i get the limited goods...?? aaaaa i can't decide for the life of me-

and do i even need the hairclips? i my coworkers noticed the strawberry hairclip i wore that one day and one of them even asked why i didn't wear it the next day i worked (the reason was i lost it that evening somehow and idk where it went. i want to find it so i can wear it to work more but in the meantime i got more hairclips.) and I'm already trying to play it safe at work and not be extremely obvious about my interests (the keychains on my purse are honestly the most you'd really get from me aside from me listening to video essays and some gameplay videos on my phone w earbuds lol). i know it's nothing to worry about but i just don't want to come off too much as that one coworker who wears character goods on her head on top of keeping to herself lol. I don't want to cringe at myself like i sadly do at middle school me who put the whisker haven tales theme song on a kahoot she made for class. Wonder if anyone from middle school remembers that. idk if anyone actually does remember that but i know one of my classmates did reach out to me through youtube comments a long while back. i should maybe try and reply to it and then catch up a bit even though my emotional ass is already crying typing this for some damn reason.

this got extremely off topic.

anywho idk how I'd display the hand towel so i might not get that...I'll certainly get the pouch, tote, and acrylic stands, I'm just debating on whether to get the hairclips or not at this point... will be thinking on this for the next, mmm maybe 2 and a half weeks before the goods release...

in unrelated news i got the japanese panyo panyo di gi charat dvd set a few weeks ago! I think it's pretty cool

September 19th, 2023, 6:52pm

I fucking HATE what elon did to twitter, I just want him DEAD! no, that's not enough. I need him erased from existence entirely! He's always been a shithead, dickhead, whatever the fuck you call him! I don't even feel confortable referring him by he/him pronouns he's that much of a dick! And I've always hated him somehow. Something in the back of my damn mind just, hated his guts for some reason and all the twitter buyout did for me was make my hatred for him worse. I don't even consider him to be autistic like I am, because he certainly doesn't deserve his own damn autism since he's too much of a dick to really be having it. Yeah, he has life cut out for him, but literally everyone I know hates him. Why is he even with Grimes!? Fucking hell I should probably shut up about this.

anywho I added an art gallery to this site a couple days ago and idk how to make it look that good. I should probably go and follow a tutorial to make it popout style so it doesn't take as long to load... in the meantime it's there if you wanna look. I'll probably make another art page on this site when I feel like it.

will probably also make another page for all the pagedolls and such that are still stuck on my carrd but eh, I'm slightly lazyyy. Sorry if this entry is more negative and pissy than the others. Might delete it later, might not.

August 22nd, 2023, 2:27am

Everything arrived safely on Thursday last week and I was surprised by the size of the acrylic jewelry stand's frame thing lol, then again it is technically a jewelry stand so arguably i shouldn't be that surprised... I'm pretty surprised that the the 2 doujins i got were so big, i... thought they'd also be smaller than their actual size... then again these ARE my first doujins lol. one's a gag parody doujin I think. it's also part 2 of a series and i want to try and find the first part eventually... did i mention it was a risky safety doujin?

the other one's a cute black and white artbook that has a risky safety fanart and a snow fairy sugar fanart (that i bought the doujin for in the first place...).

rei omishi's art book is huge too! about as big as the jewelry stand packaging's height!

can you tell that i don't take sizes into account when buying stuff that isn't clothing?

anywho, the other 2 acrylic stands that I got are really cute! One's technically also an acrylic memo holder but... I'm not really planning on using it for memos unless i really need to haha.

Love how Baku's on all the acrylic stands I got in some shape or form, he's just a little handsome man! I should get more baku merch. I also love how cute the little keychain I got with Kuromi and Romina on it like holy shit it's so cute!

Also holy shit i can't believe i got all 3 volumes of the risky safety manga for so cheap! the only supposed "issue," which is a non issue in my eyes because it shows that the manga was well loved, is that the pages are yellowed but come on the manga series is from 1999 and it's been almost 25 years, of course the pages will yellow with time, the paper used on manga releases in japan is basically the equivalent to the yellow telephone books people used to use back in the day lol. i can feel the love in whoever owned the volumes before me and that's the greatest thing with pre owned stuff♡

anywho here's most of my current collection! Collection image number one! Collection image number two! SORRY IT'S SO BLURRY I'LL TAKE A BETTER PHOTO LATER NYOOOO Collection image number three! Collection image number four!

fun fact: the pipo password cd was a former rental which is another great thing about pre-owned goods, when there's a history behind them! Especially if it's as small as being a former rental cd! The panyo panyo di gi charat cd I have is also a former rental, but all it has indicating so is a small, barely noticeable sticker in the disk's center that says "to be returned" and also has the obi inside of it, while the pipo password cd makes it a lot more obvious it was a rental with all the rental stickers and the little anti theft barcode thing you see on a lot of books in barnes and noble. Both are like, stupidly cool to me.

on a comically unrelated note I realized I've been getting a very specific design detail wrong BOTH times I've drawn Romina['s full outfit]

Only ONE of the jumpsuit legs are short! ONE! I know it's a small detail but it's a bit embarrassing when you get it wrong twice in a row... Gotta draw her again and do her justice this time and respect her love of fashion!

on an even less related note i want to make clothes for my kuromi build a bear! dunno where to start though... I'm not the best at designing outfits haha... please gimme ideas.

thanks for reading this... very long blog entry lmao. been writing this for 40 minutes and it's 3:10am. oops.

Don't wanna spoil the risky safety manga but one of the chapters of the last volume has this really cool design with heterochromia! i mean technically i only skimmed through quickly for a bit because i still need to learn more Japanese but thankfully the manga has thise ruby characters (furigana) to help me with that a bit with the kanji lol...

ok i should stop writing for a bit and maybe get some sleep...

August 3rd, 2023, 10:29pm

soooo... I'm getting the entire risky safety manga (3 volumes for really cheap!) secondhand along with rei omishi's art book and a couple doujins! I also got some kuromi acrylic stands (one of them has Baku! It's also the one from one of the sanrio x pop team epic collabs so I say it's a bonus win for me), an acrylic keychain, a tote bag (can't have enough bags) and the cd for pipo password! it's gonna take a while for everything to get to the zenmarket warehouse but it's worth the wait!

I didn't even notice the tote bag HAD A CLASP TO CLOSE IT because i was focused on how cute the illustration on the bag was lol.

...yes it's also from one of the pop team epic x sanrio collabs. yes the bag's cute

Honestly i was originally gonna use the nails on my wall for hanging up tapestries (or a huge painting like how they were probably there for, or holy shit what if i had a giant corkboard there) but for now i might put my tote bags on them for the time being.

July 30th, 2023, 12:58pm

I feel like spoiling my kuromi build a bear by making clothes for her but i don't know where to start lol.

July 19th, 2023, 11:17pm


I got mcdonalds and rita's to celebrate and also because I'm feeling really good about myself finally. Honestly I'm even more happy today than in the past week or so so that's good.

July 5th, 2023, 7:13pm

not much happening other than me finding some of those sanrio finders keepers chocolate eggs at Michael's. I didn't even know they HAD candy at Michael's tbh. Oh also i somehow blew up on tiktok because i found the furry manga drawing book but that's an entirely different story lol

June 29th, 2023, 11:45am

honestly I'm tempted to buy a website domain and just use it as image hosting or something. but then I'd have to pay for storage... hmm... i feel like img*r is changing their site to be a shittier ifunny and i should probably move my images somewhere else...

June 24th, 2023, 6:08pm

I got demoted to go-getter in salmon run so now I HATE random freelance matches again.

in other news not much happened aside from the usual chaos that happens online. and me getting more stationary. and blowing my "my nintendo" points on 2 pins and another shopping bag because I've got a ton of points expiring soon. nothing else too important.

tempted to get some kuromi goods soon tho...

June 10th, 2023, 6:01pm

Ok, apologies for those last 2 blog entries and the lack of updates lately, I feel bad for just dumping thoughts onto here and losing brain cells from that night. I should probably delete those but I'm not fully sure whether I should or not.

anywho I fucking hate discord's recent decisions. ESPECIALLY their decision to get rid of the discriminators! Come on, that was your ONE FUCKING THING and you're getting RID of it for something that EVERYONE ELSE HAS. "Not turning into a social media site" my ass. I hope everyone leaves you like how everyone left skype.

May 28th, 2023, 11:35am

ok, so the good news is that i'm feeling a lot better and my account is (somehow) back, the bad news is that i'm still shaken up by the ordeal and i feel like i lost most of my sanity and brain cells.

May 27th, 2023, 10:47pm

I am not feeling good right now. I had a breakdown over my twitter getting suspended because I'm permanently losing contact with so many friends, and I hate it! I fucking hate it!

and on top of everything I don't feel safe as a pan questioning woman with everything going on in the world! My mental health is degrading by the day at this point and I genually feel scared for my wellbeing! I swear, if ROn gets elected I'll have no CHOICE but to end my own life if I don't just decide to end it earlier than that! I'm sick of it! I want my life to be long and free of the life threatening and mental health killling problems that keep arising!

maybe I should go to a phych ward at this point... or just stay in my room and avoid a lot of the internet and just binge watch stuff... maybe that'll solve things...

May 12th, 2023, 5:46pm

Got my first paycheck! Got some food with it, along with a dvd box set on ebay (that's surprisingly cheap for how rare it is lol. 2500 copies of the box set, but the single dvds are probably more plentiful since they were sold separately anyway.)

what series did I buy the dvds for? It should be slightly obvious if you've known me on twitter within the past few months, but let's be honest here this humble abode called my neocities site is likely going to outlast twitter and I don't talk about this obscure series on Tumblr much despite one of the main characters being my icon on there, but it's this sweet little gem called "Omishi Magical Theater: Risky Safety." usually just shortened to "Risky Safety," the show's about a shinigami and an angel sharing a body. Cute little series that I could talk more about, but I don't want to end up spoiling anything and filling up most of the webpage with it, so I think I'll let you watch it for yourself!

Besides I'm pretty sure most of you coming from Twitter (or maybe even Tumblr) only know about this series because I talk about it when I find the opportunity to and retweet whatever fanart i find of the series!

It's like how people bought the book "This Is How You Lose the Time War" from Bigolas Dickolas's sheer love and enthusiasm for it, except in my case I'm repping something cute that's... not really legally available at the moment outside of pre-owned dvds on second hand shops and such. and even then it's one of the type of series that not everyone is going to be into or really care too much about no matter how much I rep it lol. Still a personal favorite of mine, and that's all that really matters at the moment.

Speaking of which, I should probably read that book... But unsurprisingly, all the copies at my library are out of stock at the moment.

Ah well I got my first paycheck on Tuesday so I can certainly get it myself lollollol

April 23rd, 2023, 12:24am

Haven't been that through with recent entries, sorry for that, but I got a job! I got hired at a certain smiley face restaurant! It's honestly my personal favorite restaurant/fast food place so I'm glad I was hired there honestly. Pretty nervous to start but I judt hope I'll be goof at it. I mean it's just greeting people who come in and sitting them down to their seats, but still, I get tounge tied fairly easily when my mouth's dry and that oftens at least once a week...

In other news the first episode of Oshi No Ko was pretty cool. Surprisingly wholesome until the last 20 minutes and let me be the person to tell you DO NOT WATCH THE DUCKTALES EPISODE "NO ONE CAN STOP DELLA DUCK!" ON THE SAME DAY AS EPISODE ONE OF OSHI NO KO. Honestly don't watch any episodes of Ducktales involving Della Duck, or maybe any episodes of Ducktales if we're being honest here. I mean you can watch it and Oshi No Ko on the same day if you want if you reaaallly want to get slammed in the feels with them back to back, but without giving you any spoilers I can certainly tell you that it's a terrible idea to do so. I cried.

anywho I'm too lazy to submit a photo of the snoopy plush at the moment and i don't want to open up imgur at the moment (i only use it for most of the photos i put on this site since my photos would absolutely take up my one gigabyte of storage within a few pictures but that'll probably have to change soon because imgur's apparently getting rid of old images that aren't connected to an account so uh... rip that site i guess...? lol i'll probably reupload a bunch of images onto here when that happens and use up the rest of my gigabyte here of neocities ^_^)

April 13th, 2023, 4:36pm

So I used the rest of my Christmas/Birthday money (11 dollars) on a cute little Snoopy plush! It's so adorable! I'll show a picture later!

April 4th, 2023, 10:42pm

finished the first season of clannad last week after a few days of just not feeling ready to get more feels and i still cried! not as much as the other times, but still! and then the last 3 episodes of kuromi's pretty journey were uploaded to youtube on friday and...uh...i cried at that...uh...moving on...

so anywho there's not much happening aside from that. aside from watching the idil project ova a few hours before april fools becausei felt like it and getting pure whiplash between watching episodes 2 and 3 because i decided to go look up the cast lists. Not the first time I've done that of course but still. Anywho I'm thinking of starting wish upon the pleiades soon after clannad after story since i also borrowed the blu ray from the library.

March 17th, 2023, 11:06pm

so i started clannad a few days ago... I'm only on episode 18 and I cried multiple times! i can only imagine how after story is going to absolutely destroy me...

March 9th, 2023, 11:23pm

Bit of a follow up to the last entry, but I finished watching it on the 27th and it's really good! Cute series, I cried multiple times near the end. Gonna hopefully start that clannad blu-ray soon (i watched episode one before realizing the anime blu ray was at my library haha)

February 24th, 2023, 5:01pm

Started watching A Little Fairy Snow Sugar, it's pretty cute so far! Yes, I did borrow the dvd from the library thanks for asking.

February 12th, 2023, 7:47pm


February 8th, 2023, 1:04pm

you won't believe what happened the other day.

i was walking home from a meeting, and i was talking to my mother on the way back cause she was walking with me, and i said to her that i kept thinking i saw dead birds on the sidewalk. What was literally RIGHT around the corner? A whole ass dead deer! One that was JUST hit by a car while we were gone, and we weren't even gone for that long! Maybe for like, an hour or so! I literally SCREAMED so loud when I saw it! Even Mom was shocked by the dead deer! She kept reassuring me that it wasn't gonna hurt me (because it's dead) but to be honest I mainly felt embarrassed that i screamed that loud. Don't get me wrong, my amygdala was (and still is if i had to be honest here) having an absolute FIELD DAY from all of this due to my fear of dead bodies, but holy shit i screamed so loud. I'm pretty sure some of the neighbors might've mistaken me for one of the kids at the nearby daycare with my voice but I'm not entirely sure haha. If you heard someone scream after seeing a dead deer on the 6th that was probably me. oops.

It was an adolescent deer from what my mom and sister were saying hours later but HOLY SHIT THAT WAS AN ADOLESCENT!? It's huge! Of course I'd scream that loud when I spotted it!

this isn't even the first time i jinxed myself by saying i kept thinking i saw dead birds! Just a few months ago I was walking home with my mom after a volunteer job at the local thrift store! Except that time it was ACTUALLY a dead bird! An old one from what my mother had said later that day. One that probably died from old age! Legs up and everything! One that wasn't cleaned off the sidewalk when I was walking home with my brother a few days later after my 2nd volunteer day! I saw fruit flies around it!

This entry is probably too long for something insignificant that happened, but I don't care! I'm scared of dead bodies and it's probably not that justified! Now goodbye, thank you for reading, hope I can write about something better soon.

February 4th, 2023, 5:53pm

thinking i should go to the local michael's and pick up a specific color of tombow marker that i should probably get a replacement for (because of a worn nib) and maybe a couple sarasa clips.

January 26th, 2023, 11:28am

Yeah not much has happened in the past week lol. Still healing a bit from that but it's healing nicely!

My sana birthday merch arrived a few days ago though so that's nice i guess. I'll share photos when I'm not feeling lazy lol

January 18th, 2023, i forgot what time i wrote this because i didn't type the time down and instead left the date as the last entry's so I'll just say 4:20pm or something lol

Slipped on the stairs a couple days ago and got my butt cheek bruised. Also elbow rug burn. Ouch. The butt cheek's gonna hurt for a while lol.

January 11th, 2023, 11:01pm

honestly there's not much happening this week that's too notable to mention. I made some frozen pizza in the oven an hour ago so that's cool but other than that there isn't much happening. Aside from disconnecting a ton in splatoon 3. nintendo needs to get their servers together lol.

January 2nd, 2023, 9:03am

Happy new year! I got some figures and manga earlier today! Here's my full collection as of right now! Collection 2023

I also had a good birthday! Got cake and a couple switch games, the new years countdown stream was behind and it turned midnight a whole minute before the abc news stream did! it was so lame lmaooooo

at least I was watching the others play cards against humanity and not cursing the year with my bad music taste for the new year, headphones or otherwise lol. Good luck in 2023!

December 30th, 2022, 7:11pm

holy shit today was so good!

can you guess why? I'll give you a hint, a very specific character appe-yeah that's right Reiwa no Di Gi Charat episode 13 is based on Nyo, and if you seen the raws at least, you'd know that all the characters from Nyo make an appearance in this episode! That includes Rinna and Mi-ke! Probably two of my favorite characters in the series! I mean technically they just cameo'd, but still! Really exciting to see them again!

also I'm having eatnpark for dinner so that's good!

nothing else to say here tonight tbh, g'night!

December 26th, 2022, 12:18pm

I say this was a pretty good Christmas! Got plenty of stuff this year, but not too much stuff. Too lazy to share photo of my christmas haul rn lol

December 23rd, 2022, 11:42pm

HOLY SHIT THE LAST EPISODE WAS SO GOOD! Aaaaa no spoilers but this might be one of the best series of the whole year! Merry Christmas everyone!

December 22nd, 2022, 12:27pm

Not much happening this week, I went to buy presents for my family and wrapped them at home, but other than that nothing else. I'll watch the Akiba Maid War series finale this evening since my brother's making stuff on the pc right now. At this point either i need to get a pc or he does, though I'm thinking i should get him a good pc or something lol

December 18th, 2022, 11:08am

holy shit the last episode of pop team epic season 2 was so good! That's all I have to say right now lol

December 16th, 2022, 11:29am

*sigh* Maybe it's just because I decided to rewatch Static Cling yesterday, but I've noticed that the end of the year is bringing on so many changes.

Maybe not that many changes, the biggest one being that there's going to be a new protagonist in the Pokemon anime starting in April. But still. I'm going to embrace all these changes!

also completely unrelated but those rumors or RNDGC continuing into the winter season were false lol. those tv listings were for the new years party on the 2nd and 3rd of January on TV.

Other than that, there's nothing in the winter 2023 season that I'm interested in lol. Time to catch up on some of my backlog! lol

December 15th, 2022, 12:16

what a way to celebrate the holidays, having your favorite character in a seasonal die on episode 11. If you know you know. Rest in peace T_T

December 13th, 2022, 2:31pm

holy shit, according to TV listings in Japan it seems that RNDGC is going to continue into the winter season! Looks like I have something to watch this next season lol.

Oh, also Spiderverse 2 trailer today, looks really awesome and I can't wait to watch it! Looks really cool! It'll probably make me cry like the first one did so I'm excited lol

December 11th, 2022, 12:51pm

HOLY SHIT. THIS WEEK'S EPISODES WERE SO GOOD! I mean, we got Pop Team Epic's new episode yesterday which I liked (obviously lol), but then there's the new Akiba Maid War episode! No spoilers but I was on the edge of my seat the whole time AND THE STINGER. THE STINGER. THE STINGER. I mean come on, why haven't I seen anyone else talk about it? It's so good!

Oh right... Almost forgot about the other new anime series that are taking over the anime scene this season lol.

I've seen nothing but Bocchi and Chainsaw on my twitter feed this season to be honest lol (despite how popular Blue Lock is lol). I might start Bocchi later after the season, but right now I'm occupied.

I think there was some sort of special type thing to hype up Bocchi's anime the week before it started airing? IDK but it was in the timeslow the show would be in (which happens to be right before that one anime adaptation of that one game called "Utawarerumono" which is right before PTE so yea.

Either way, I haven't seen much of any talks online about the few shows that I am watching this season aside from the occasional DGC posts from mutuals (and the posts from the official accounts of said shows, obviously). I should really seek out some of the fanart or something...

Speaking of anime, I still need to finish my backlog...

December 7th, 2022, 4:18am

that fate thing was postponed lmfaooooo point still stands though

December 6th, 2022, 5:57pm

You'll never believe what happened at the store today! I somehow lost my wallet in the store! I was so stressed about it despite only having a dollar in change, my library card, and my ebt card haha! Thankfully, someone turned it in to the service desk and I'm ridiculously grateful for that. I'm also grateful that the lady at the front could show me to the service desk because I didn't even know where it was haha. (then again I didn't even know they had service desks in grocery stores somehow...)

I was so stressed about my wallet that I crashed into the plants display near the front of the store! Then again, me being motion sick from the car ride didn't help either, but I didn't crash into anything else that whole trip this time so I don't think that's a good excuse lol. Maybe it was also because I was a little bit tired because I woke up at 11pm again but again, not a good excuse in this case since I didn't crash into anything else haha

Either way I'm ridiculously thankful for the grocery store workers for helping me find my wallet lol

I'm also proud of myself for actually dealing with it like an adult, but also not considering my possibly sleep-deprived and most definitely motion-sick ass just wanted to go home at that point haha, *sigh* i probably should've taken some motion sickness medicine beforehand lol

December 5th, 2022, 11:15am

I actually got a few things from Gacha World a bit before its shutdown, and the package arrives a few days ago, so now I can officially say that I now have an official Pop Team Epic acrylic stand! I'll share the photo later when I'm not on my phone lol but for now I'll also say that I got a bunch of Osomatsu-san can badges! I'm just missing a Totomatsu badge from that set, but out of the 14 badges I got in total (and only THREE doubles!!) I say it was a pretty good haul! I also got some more paper, a Pop Team Epic acrylic keychain, some pens, and some more pencil lead! I'll refrain from putting all the photos here right now but I'll make an imgur album of all of the stuff I got when I'm done!

In other news my wrist hurts like crazy and I'm wondering if i got carpal tunnel from having my big head on it for too long while watching youtube... yea maybe i should see a doctor... Do I even have health insurance though? I hate the United States but I'm kept here by both the entertainment and the cost of moving somewhere else and getting rid of my American citizenship... Humiliating.

November 29th, 2022, 3:02am

here's the ranking I got D4DJ Reiwa no Di Gi Charat Event Ranking Image 1? D4DJ Reiwa no Di Gi Charat Event Ranking Image 1?

I had too much fun in the event! looking forward to the anniversary!

in unrelated news my cats knocked the trash can over and clip studio paint introduced shitty AI art stuff into their program. Come on! Stable diffusion was already training their stuff off of stolen shit! this is ridiculous! At least wait for 2.0 to do this shit so I could keep using your program! SHeesh, even the Omusubi bots from osomatsu-san were better than this.

November 28th, 2022, 4:27pm

Well, the event is over and I got 16th place! I'll share the photo when I'm on the PC again, maybe later. But for now all I'll say is that I had fun in the event!

Anyway, Twitter might be banned off the app store soon and thus a mass exodus will occur. So I guess expect even more blog entries soon after....? Idk. Everyone is moving to Mastodon or Hive but those sites doesn't seem entirely that good to me. Might just be me not wanting to move websites again but at least hive is suspicious as I thought it was when everyone was advertising their Hives.

if anyone knows how to archive tweets in bookmarks please let me know. My twitter archive doesn't show liked tweets because I liked too many.

November 23th, 2022, 6:43am

Can you guess what I've been doing the past few days?

Hint: It's the website the- yeah it's the D4DJ Di Gi Charat collab on the EN server lol

I've been having a lot of fun with it these past few days! It's pretty obvious why, since I've been playing D4DJ since last year (my one year anniversary of me starting to play the game happened in around October or November? I forgot), but I've somehow gotten into the top 20 through sheer willpower (and also starting to play as soon as the collab event started, and getting one of the collab cards after using up all my game currency savings but that technically counts as sheer willpower since I was saving those for more than a month)

Apologies for lack of site updates in this time.

also thanksgiving is tomorrow and I woke up at 2am after falling asleep extra early around 8pm so wish me luck on staying up all day!

November 19th, 2022, 11:03pm

Today was actually a really great day!

Or at least good enough. I mean the new Pop Team Epic episode was absolutely insane as per usual, and it's so good! Loved the PUBG parody here (I don't play it of course, but still). Best of all, the voice actor pairings were so good! Specifically the first half with Asami Sanada and Kyoko Hikami. (That's right, Dejiko and Usada from Di Gi Charat!) That alone makes it a good day in my eyes!

Also, remember what I said about my birthday a few days ago? Well another Fate related thing is announced for that date. I forgot how much Fate related stuff releases on December 31st, but it's a lot of stuff that I forgot about. I'm starting to wonder if that happens to be an important date in the series or something.

In other news, Angel, one of the orange cats of the house, has picked up another quirk. Carrying around empty ramen packets around the house. Pretty hilarious, but also pretty annoying haha. I'd show a photo but I'm on my phone writing this so I can't really do that at the moment out of pure laziness.

The wind has been somewhat scary lately. Then again, I've been scared of the wind ever since I was a kid. Could it be because I saw the VHS cover of Twister? Maybe it's because Hurricane Sandy happened when I was around 8 years old and there was constant coverage on TV? I mean I didn't have cable as a kid so I could only watch the news on most afternoons and evenings because there was nothing else to watch on TV which probably explains my fears on a lot of things, actually.

No wait, it might also be because I had a terrible camping experience when my family got trapped in a thunderstorm and had to leave our stuff behind to get home. No wait, that might be why I'm scared of thunderstorms.

Eh, might be a combination of all of these.

Ok ok, completely unrelated to all of these things but let's talk about the Artimis mission while it's still on my mind! I didn't write a blog entry on the date Artimis 1 launched because it wasn't important for me to state this in a post, but it was so cool to watch the rocket launch! Really hoping the mission goes well! Good luck to Shaun and Snoopy!

November 17th, 2022, 7:14pm

There's not much to talk about this week somehow other than the fact that I cried during part of the new Akiba Maid War episode lol. I heard Reiwa no Di Gi Charat was going to be 13 episodes from koge donbo*'s tweet about the di gi charat youtube channel streaming a binge video of the 6 episodes of the series released so far. I honestly thought it was going to be 12 episodes so this is a nice surprise! The 13th episode might release the day before New Years Eve (which just so happens to be my birthday) but I'm not fully sure because I don't think new anime episodes release around new years eve that often. I can only name a few that did off the top of my head, and even then it's just Carnival Phantasm, Fate/Grand Carnival, and an Ai Yori Aoshi Christmas OVA (I haven't watched any of these though lol). At least I can brag that I was born on the date that the Brak Show ended lol

November 14th, 2022, 4:54pm

Hope you don't mind me writing this entry from my phone this time.

Honesty, at this point I'm just worried that I'll lose touch with some of my friends on twitter when it shuts down potentially next week. I mean it probably won't die next week but at this point I'm not really too sure I have much time left before it's gone. I really want to keep in touch with my friends on there, they're practically half the reason why I'm still on there at this point (the other half is the fanart and news about stuff I like). But still, I've been asking everyone to add me on discord but I'm not sure that everyone even has discord...

Speaking of losing touch, I already lost touch with a friend from high school when she graduated the year before I did, and I don't know whether she has any other social media aside from her school email to be honest. Hope she's doing alright and enjoying the new season of made in abyss along with the new gundam series. I think of her every time I hear people talking about it haha. I should probably start watching gundam.

November 13th, 2022, 5:25pm

Today's been pretty good surpriisingly enough!

First there was the Bushir*ad 15th anniversary concert last night (i mean technically it's last night but I stayed up till 5am and woke up at 1pm after two of my cats (Lucifer and Angel) woke me up with their drawer antics, so that doesn't count. Don't ask me how Lucifer got into the drawer while it was closed because I don't know either). I couldn't watch the whole thing of course (I had to use other means to watch parts of said concert... I'll pre-order the blu-ray when it's out though!) but I did watch one of the sets (guess which one I watched lol) and it WAS SO DAMN GOOD! Can't wait to get the blu-ray so I can watch the whole concert in a higher quality! Happy 15th anniversary!

In other unrelated news my cats are adorable. That's all I got this time. I'll let you know when something interesting happens.

November 11th, 2022, 10:44pm

Today was... A bit better...?

You know, aside from Deviantart's bullshit but that's deviantart so that's expected from the ms paint sonic feet vore site to be honest.

Apparently they also added shitty nfts recently so I hope that site shuts down lol. I don't care how the situation will end up sorting out but I don't trust them with my bad art from 2017-2019... Sheesh.

There's also another notible voice actor death that I ended up waking up to. He ended up dying of cancer. Rest in Peace :'-(

It's all too sad this year with all these deaths. I'm not even going to be surprised if one of my two older cats ends up dying right beside me and making me go down an even bigger downspiral of grief than I'm already dealing with because of the other three older cats dying within the past 3 years from tumors and cancer. For fuck's sake, I'm already crying typing this out. Fuck.

Apologies for that sudden paragraph of sadness there...

Well, in other news, new Reiwa no Di Gi Charat and Pui Pui Molcar Driving School episodes today. They're pretty good, I just hate Nazo Gema's lips tbh but other than that it's a pretty fun episode. Loved the yellow submarine reference. Brings back memories from elementary school...

Speaking of which, I had a couple Tom and Jerry DVDs as a kid, one was a compilation disk of greatist hits I think (said dvd had heavenly puss on it so take that as you will) and a volume of Tom and Jerry Tales. I watched those DVDs over and over again as a kid to the point where they're pretty scratched lol.

Imagine my shock to hear that the Japanese branch of Cartoon Network got studio Fanworks to animate a Tom and Jerry ANIME SERIES.

Well, it's a mini-anime like Reiwa no Di Gi Charat and Pui Pui Molcar (Hell, even shorter than that only lasting a minute per episode!) but still. I watched it and it's really cute! And well animated too!

Then again it is the studio that brought us a bunch of other stuff like Aggretsuko, the SumikkoGurashi films, and Uchu Nanchara Kotetsu Kun. That last series only has subs on the trailers though with the exception of the second season's ending theme, but that's a given consitering the fact that it's sung by a popular seiyu.

A Love Life seiyu to be precise. Yeah, if she ends up appearing in an episode like the band from the last ending theme did, than maybe I'll finally be able to watch it subbed.

I watched the show raw using somewhat questionable methods, and stopped at around episode 26 I think. I'm still waiting for the official release. But consitering Kadokawa would rather buy an anime news site than do that simple thing, I have my doubts. My only hope for THAT to happen is if someone decides to dub it a la Go Astro Boy Go, but that's doubtful.

Maybe I'll have to wait a decade for it like Nyanpire lol.

Completely unrelated to all of that, I got cereal, pringles, and pocky from amazon lol

That's it other than me trying a training mode on Umamusume and getting three plushies. I EVEN GOT THE BIG ONE LOOK LOOK PLUSH PLUSH CRUSH CRUSH

k that's it bye

November 11th, 2022, 2:01am

...Today was shit.

Not only was the bird site an absolute nightmare today (er technically yesterday since I'm still up right now) with Musk at the wheel, but my favorite secondary character in (One of the anime I'm watching this season) died! Or does she qualify as a side character? I'm not sure but either way I'm crying. This show is so damn good that it made me cry!

Aside from that, apparently there's a tom and jerry anime now which is cool. There was an anime short last year, but now there's a whole short series? Er, mini anime. Either way I didn't know Cartoon Network Japan was still making co-productions.

Side note, I heard they still air Nichijou on the channel after all these years at night so that's really cool! Honestly, I think learning what channels air what shows is interesting already so that's not much of a surprise.

Just be glad I'm not spending my first blog entry on all the international dub voices and tv channels because I will gladly do that.

You think this is the end?